Commercial Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

Our commercial lawn service has helped businesses of all kinds present a good face to the community. For a business, first impressions are important. And that includes the condition of the property surrounding your business. Your grounds should communicate the values of your business - well maintained and professional.

The Lawn Barber is committed to keeping your commercial property immaculate. We work to provide you with lush lawns and manicured shrubs and trees. Our professional crews are grounds maintenance experts in lawn care, as well as other commercial landscape maintenance services.

We provide HOA Services, and Commercial Snow Removal for any business or HOA.

Lawn and Bed Maintenance

We mow the lawn and eliminate grubs and other pests. In fact, the Lawn Barber has kept commercial lawns green in Northern Colorado for more than 15 years.

Of course, weeds don't stand a chance: Dandelions, crabgrass, prickly lettuce and other invasive plants are eliminated from the grass, the beds and around sidewalks.

Our commercial services experts also keep bushes in shape. We cut back overgrowth of shrubbery and ground cover. In addition, we also offer year-round professional tree services. We provide tree trimming services, removal, fertilization and disease control. And we do trash removal, too, sweeping debris from your grounds during every visit.

Fertilization, Pest and Weed Control

There's nothing more frustrating than patches of weeds ruining your otherwise beautiful commercial property.

Naturally, you can pull them up one by one. Or here's a better idea. Call The Lawn Barber for our commercial services package.

Our weed control program can kill existing weeds, prevent new ones, and keep your lawn looking beautiful. Dandelions, thistle, crabgrass, and other ugly pests can be a thing of the past! Our trained crews know the best methods for eliminating each specific weed.

In addition, our fertilization will help keep that grass looking lush and green. We offer our commercial customers a complete package for ultimate lawn care. A weedless green lawn and blooming plants projects the best image possible to your customers and tenants.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair

As you know, irrigation is crucial to maintaining a beautiful commercial property in northern Colorado. Our team of experienced irrigation professionals will design and install an automatic irrigation system to give you 100% coverage in the areas needed.

Plus, we service all irrigation systems. Our experienced service technicians will diagnose and repair problems efficiently.

You'll find that routine maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. To make it convenient for you, we provide irrigation maintenance agreements. Technicians from The Lawn Barber will check alignment and efficiency of all heads, and look for leaks to prevent future problems.

Bush and Shrub Pruning and Removal

Our good maintenance practices will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Our commercial maintenance package is designed to protect small trees and shrubs on your business property. Services include Cosmetic or corrective pruning, insect and disease control, and edging of plant beds.