HOA landscaping rules can be stringent, and rightly so: Curb appeal can easily be undermined by poor HOA maintenance in any season.

The Lawn Barber understands how important commercial lawn care is. Both the HOA and the homeowners want to maintain property value and attractiveness.

We provide top-notch lawn maintenance, starting with general tasks such as lawn mowing and trimming. Then we add more extensive care, including seeding, fertilization, aeration and weed and pest control. The Lawn Barber takes pride in lush, green lawns surrounding homes and in the common areas.

We also offer landscaping maintenance. That includes mulching, planting and maintaining flowers, tree pruning and shrub trimming, and weed and insect control.

Our profession lawn and garden techs can meet your unique needs season after season.

We Know Sprinkler Systems

We are sprinkler system experts, offering maintenance and repair. Your HOA may provide the sprinkler system for a condo development, townhomes, or common areas in a neighborhood. No matter what you provide, we can create a service plan just for you. We show up for pre-winter system blowouts to protect your pipes during the cold months. And that means there are just minor tasks to do when you start watering again.

The attractiveness of any community is known to influence home values and sales. Poorly maintained community grounds distress current homeowners. And worse, they deter potential home buyers. Let us help you keep up the look and feel of your community with meticulous lawn and landscaping care.

Our motto is " When quality counts, you can count on us." We take pride of ownership in making communities beautiful. Contact us today to arrange for a customized program to fit your budget and show your community to its best advantage.