Our Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Services

Consistent lawn care, especially lawn mowing, makes all the difference between a scrubby, tired looking patch of yard and a lush, inviting carpet of green.

Schedule a weekly lawn mowing with The Lawn Barber's lawn service of Greeley & Loveland, CO, to keep your lawn looking its best. We'll trim the edges and remove brush, too. We have years of experience. Our crews of lawn care professionals. And with top quality lawn mowing equipment, we provide the best lawn care for Northern Colorado. And we're not done until we've blown the debris off walks and drives abutting your lawn. Try our services and you'll wonder why you ever wanted to waste another sunny afternoon cutting your grass!

The Lawn Barber recommends leaving some of the lawn clippings on the newly cut grass. Believe it or not, this acts as a natural fertilizer. After a season of this, we recommend power raking and dethatching. This removes the spent clippings and allows your soil to soak in more water and nutrients. And that means greener, healthier grass, and fuller lawns.

We also recommend an annual lawn aeration in the spring, before the grass has begun to grow. With deep core aeration, we give your lawn "breathing room." This lets new grass seed and fertilizer build new blades of grass. Which, of course, fill in your lawn and add to its health and lushness. We pride ourselves on quality work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Weed Control and Fertilizer

While consistent lawn mowing and watering will help your grass stay green and healthy, you still must fertilizer your lawn to keep it so. Generally speaking, a standard fertilizer mix works for most lawns. However, if you have overly acidic soil, or soil tending towards alkaline, we will need to find the right proportion of elements in the mix to re-balance and nourish your soil. Of course a thick carpet of grass is beautiful, but it also helps repel weeds and pests.

Now, as we're sure you know, Colorado lawns grow in a semi-arid, weed-friendly climate. Our climate can encourage dandelions, bindweed, spurge, mallow, crabgrass, and foxtail. Broadleaf weeds are best defeated by good lawn fertilization, but herbicide may be a necessary addition to completely remove them from your yard.

Our trained lawn technicians will carefully apply the right products to end your weed problems before they get out of control. We recommend a springtime application of weed-killer for germinating weeds. Then we suggest a follow-up fall application to finish off any weeds that took root during the summer months.

Sometimes insects infest your lawn, and when they do, they cause damage. And they can be awful pests! We are ready to help end your insect control issues, as well. Your lawn is a valuable and attractive asset for you. We are proud to help you keep it that way.

Irrigation and Sprinkler System Diagnostics & Repair

Everyone understands the frustration and irritation of turning on your sprinklers when spring comes...and finding they aren't working.

Our expert sprinkler system maintenance and repair crew spends much of the early fall blowing out sprinkler systems. This process helps to assure a freeze-free winter season.

And if you haven't had proper maintenance in the fall, we can identify the problem and suggest the best solutions for you. We service and maintain sprinkler systems in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and other Northern Colorado cities. Contact us before the hard freeze sets in. Then watch your sprinkler system function perfectly when you start watering again in the spring.