Commercial snow removal is essential when Colorado's windy winters pile snow up in parking lots. Can you really expect workers and customers to fight their way through the drifts?

We're here to help. You know The Lawn Barber provides top quality commercial lawn service and landscape maintenance. But did you know we offer professional snow removal in Northern Colorado for any type of business?

We provide:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Hauling
  • Ice Control
  • Shoveling
  • Sidewalk Clearing

Sure, it's hard to think about commercial snow removal service while the the grass still needs mowing. And when the temps are climbing, the chill of winter sounds pretty good. But warm weather months are the perfect time for you to start your winter planning. How will you keep your property safe when those icy winds and snow storms pound the area?

Preparation is a big part of the process. Will you need hand shovelers for walkways? Salt for some areas? How big is your parking area? How long will it take a snow plow to clear it? Where will the snow have to be hauled once removed? The snow removal company can better assess equipment and materials needs while the ground is still clear of snow.

Further, if you gather your estimates ahead of time, you'll have a better chance of securing a contract with the company you want working for you. And you'll be able to build the potential costs into your budget...before winter strikes. Here are five reasons to line up your winter snow and ice removal contractor as soon as possible.

We Can Clearly See What We'll Have to Do

Some areas of your property that need clearing are often masked by snow. So it's easier to show us potential winter safety hazards before they're covered with snow and ice. And, truly, wouldn't you rather walk the property with us in pleasant weather?

A snow and ice contractor who observes your lot can identify traffic and parking patterns. Often, that affects which areas of the property to clear first. We need to know if night/day parking or property use differs. If your property gets 24-hour traffic (such as HOA housing developments), it helps when we know the 'round-the-clock traffic and parking flow.

Once we know what you'll need, we can write up a more accurate estimate.

We Can Allocate the Needed Equipment and Manpower

Now that we understand your snow removal needs, we can prepare for plowing, hauling, ice control, shoveling and sidewalk clearing. We'll plan for the best de-icing solutions to keep your property safe. And de-icing is best left to a trained technician. They know which products are best for your location, and how much - and how often - to apply them. That's also true for plowing equipment, which can damage pavement in the hands of a novice. We have years of experience, and we pride ourselves on doing it right.

It's In Your Best Interests to Start Early

Naturally, we want to be your commercial snow removal company. But we know you want to get several bids before choosing. Start this process early enough in the year (summer is best, but by fall it's essential!) to have a chance to consider the estimates and check referrals.

Get On The List While You Can!

Snow removal contractors have the same number of hours in a day or night as you do. And when a big storm hits, those 24 hours are often filled. We may have to plow some properties several times a day (or night). And many repeat clients often sign up again at the end of the winter. It's important to sign on early in the year with a contractor. Then you can rest assured your property will be safe when the snow flies.

We All Know It Will Snow...We Don't Know How Much

A contract in hand by the end of fall means that no matter how bad the winter gets, your property is going to be cleared according to a snow and ice management plan.

And we do understand that property management is expensive, but winter care is not a good place to cut corners. A good snow and ice removal company can help you limit potential liability risks on the property. You, your employees and anyone coming on to the property need to feel -and to be-safe, no matter what the weather throws at us.

Moreover, a safe property is another indicator of welcoming and accommodating customer service. It encourages your clients -from retail customers, to renters, to homeowners in your HOA-to trust your management.

Contact us today and see what The Lawn Barber can do for you during the winter.