Sprinkler Blowout | Sprinkler Winterization


What is sprinkler winterization?

An experienced irrigation company will be able to get your sprinkler ready for winter. Sprinkler winterization in a nutshell is the process of using compressed air to discharge excess water from your irrigation system through the sprinkler heads.

Do I need to winterize my sprinklers?

Yes, if you live in the Fort Collins, CO area then you need to winterize your sprinklers. As you know we experience cold temperatures throughout the winter months. If you do not blowout your sprinklers pre-winter then your sprinkler system might experience damage from freezing temperatures.

Why do I need an irrigation company to winterize my sprinklers?

It is important that you hire an experienced irrigation company to handle your sprinkler system blowout. We have the correct type of equipment to effectively and safely winterize your sprinkler system.

When is the best time to winterize my sprinklers?

The weather across Colorado can be unpredictable. We have been known to have our first freezes as early as the end of September. Our irrigation company recommends that you winterize your sprinklers by mid-October at the latest.

It is important to note that the ideal time frame for sprinkler winterization will depend on weather patterns for the year. Sometimes we have mild fall weather, while other times our fall weather is more extreme.

Can you blowout my sprinkler system after the first hard freeze?

Yes, our irrigation company is able to provide sprinkler blowouts after the first hard freeze. However, we recommend that you schedule to have your sprinkler winterized by late- October at the latest.