Sprinkler repair. Sometimes you just gotta. Because when you try and turn the system on to water your lawn, it has to work and work right. A damaged or poorly working system not only leaves your lawn with dry or flooded spots. It wastes water. And it can make you furious. But we're here to make it all okay. Lawn Barber services all irrigation problems and sprinkler system Brands.

Every year, our expert sprinkler repair crew and maintenance techs spend much of the early fall blowing out sprinkler systems. Blow-outs mean a freeze-free winter season. And that means that when you first turn on the system in the spring, it works fine.

Now, if you haven't had proper maintenance in the fall, we can identify the problem and suggest the best solutions for you. It's best to fix the system as early as you can, so your lawn has time to take in nourishment and moisture before the hot summer sun tries to fry it.

We service and maintain sprinkler systems in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and other Northern Colorado cities. Contact us to winterize your sprinkler system before the hard freeze sets in, and watch your sprinkler system function perfectly when you start watering again in the spring.

Lawn Sprinkler Seasonal Maintenance

In the spring, we can turn on your lawn sprinkler system, check for any potential leaks, test the coverage of all your sprinkler heads, and get you ready to start watering. In the fall, we can blow-out your sprinkler system and winterize it for the coming winter months.

Some of Our Most Common Sprinkler Repairs Include:

  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Inadequate water coverage (too much or too little spray)
  • Sprinkler timer adjustments
  • Leaking or cracked sprinkler pipes
  • Sprinkler upgrades (adding beds or lawn areas)
  • Adding drip systems for beds and flower gardens
  • Changing from a manual sprinkler to an automatic sprinkler controller
  • Setting up a new back flow device to ensure that drinking water isn't contaminated