Weed Control Services

When you care about your lawn, you don't want to see a single weed. Herbicides, plus good fertilization can keep your grass weed free.

It's true that consistent mowing and watering will help your grass look good. But the best lawn care includes fertilizing your lawn to keep it healthy and full. Generally, a standard fertilizer mix generally works for most lawns. But if you have overly acidic soil or alkaline soil, we'll find the right mix to re-balance and nourish it.

Naturally, it takes a lot of care to keep a lawn lush and green month after month and year after year. And who doesn't want a gorgeous lawn? But a dense carpet of grass is not only beautiful, it helps repel weeds and pests.

lawn care in Greeley & Loveland, Colorado has to address the problems of grass growing in a semi-arid, weed-friendly climate. Our climate encourages dandelions, bindweed, spurge, mallow, crabgrass, and foxtail.

Broadleaf weeds are best combatted by good lawn fertilization. But herbicide is sometimes a necessary addition to quickly and cleanly remove them from your yard.

Our trained lawn technicians will apply the appropriate products to end your weed problem before it takes over. We recommend a springtime application of weed-killer to kill germinating weeds. And we follow up with a fall application to remove weeds that might have taken root during the summer.

Unfortunately, insects can also infest your lawn. They're not just annoying pests - they can often damage your turf as well. We are ready to handle your insect control issues, with proper applications of pesticides.

Your lawn is not just a valuable and attractive asset for you. When we keep your lawn lush and immaculately maintained, we take pride in it. We delight in seeing lawns that are weed- and pest-free.

Give us a call, or drop us an email. We'll get you on the way to a perfect lawn. Because when quality counts, you can count on The Lawn Barber of Northern Colorado!

Weed Control Service for Greeley, Surrounding Area

Weeds. Whether you're a homeowner or the manager of a commercial property, weeds can drive you crazy. Not only are they ugly, but once established, they are hard to remove and compete with your lawn and plantings for water and nutrients.

And weeds can flourish nearly anywhere, from lawns and gardens to areas stressed vegetation...and even the cracks in your concrete.

This very adaptability is what classifies these plants as weeds. But with proper care - herbicides as needed, and dense, healthy lawns and ornamental plants-you can get ahead, and stay ahead, of these invaders.

Proper Herbicides, Proper Application

Defeating weeds demands a combination of the right products, properly applied. The Lawn Barber's trained technicians use the highest quality formulas to control both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds.

We apply specific herbicides in the spring to attack weeds before they emerge, and also apply products that prevent weeds from spreading beyond the original problem areas.

It's also very important to fertilize your lawn and planted areas, because a thick, fairly high lawn with a robust root system will block weed development. However, it's extremely important to use pre-emergent herbicides with great care in non-turf areas and where there are sections of bare soil. All-in-all, chemical weed removal is something best left to experienced professionals.

Hand-Pulling Not Always Best

Did you know that some weeds like bindweed, purslane, quackgrass and dandelion generally propagate when hand-pulled? These weeds are best killed off with herbicide, but some products that are useful in killing these weeds can also leach into the root zones of trees and shrubs.Our commercial applicators will carefully manage these products to protect your valuable plants, while destroying weeds.

Why You Need Our Weed Control Services

If you've been putting off using herbicides on your weeds, then you need to know that weed reproduction is no joke. For example, a redroot pigweed plant can produce more than 10,000 seeds; a purslane plant produces five times that many. And once buried in the ground, these seeds can survive for decades, germinating when you turn the soil.

A Quick Guide to Weed Life Cycles

Weeds fall into three categories:

  • Annuals - Some germinate in the spring, make seeds in the summer, and die with the killing frosts of fall, while winter annuals germinate in later summer or early fall, overwinter as small tufts, and mature by summer to go to seed.
  • Biennials - Taking two seasons to complete their growth cycle, they use the first season to store food and produce only rosettes of foliage. The second season sees them using their stored food for vigorous growth and seed production in the summer. A killing frost ends their life cycle.
  • Perennials - Think dandelions. With large tap roots to store food for winter and root crowns that produce new shoots every spring, these plants just keep coming back. Some perennials also use creeping horizontal roots and seeds to ensure a new crop of weeds every season.

Ready for for weed removal services in the Greeley area? Give The Lawn Barber a shout. Weeds don't stand a chance when The Lawn Barber takes them on.