Finding Affordable Lawn Mowing Services

In this modern age, it’s tough to find time to get everything done in your busy schedule. One thing that can often get overlooked is maintaining that beautiful grass covering your lawn. While you might wish you could tell your lawn to hold off on the growth for a bit, we all know that is not how it works.

That is why we offer affordable low hourly rates with friendly local service for lawn maintenance in and around Greeley. Our lawn care and landscaping professionals are specialized in many different services to keep that lawn looking pristine. You might think that simply mowing the lawn is enough to keep your grass patch the talk of the neighborhood, but there is much more.

Whether the lawn surrounds your beautiful residential home or a commercial business, our professionals are specialized in maintaining it to your specifications. Perhaps you prefer your lawn receiving a buzz cut or maybe you like to feel the grass bending beneath your feet as you walk to grab that paper in the morning, either way, our crew will keep it mowed to your desire.

However, simply keeping your lawn to your chosen length is not the only important aspect of maintaining the perfect lawn. We will also remove any brush or debris that has found its way onto your lawn and ensure that it’s cleared before we mow in order to keep the grass healthy. How about that wily grass growing its way onto the sidewalk? Our professionals also specialize in edging to keep those emerald blades contained within the parameters of your plot. What about the grass that hugs close to your fence and evades the whirling mower blades? Be it picket, wooden, or chain-link, our crew will keep that grass in check with weed-whackers and ensure that it sits at an even height with the rest of your lawn.

Maintain Your Lawn & Landscape

Well mowed lawnWhy use our lawn mowing services? Because you deserve to use that time to enjoy a sunny day instead of spending it maintaining your lawn! Why haul out your old mower when you could be taking a spin around your neighborhood or on a local trail under the beautiful Colorado sky? Our crews are trained to keep that grass looking beautiful for you. It’s what we do!

Ever had a mower run out of gas or oil when you’re halfway through mowing then had to spend the rest of the week staring at your half-mowed lawn and ducking in the window when neighbors stroll by as they raise an eyebrow at your off-kilter grass? With us, we guarantee that will never happen!

The Lawn Barber offers hourly rates that reflect great efficiency, our talented lawn care professionals, and top-notch services to keep your yard looking phenomenal. We guarantee our services will keep your mind off your lawn apart from the admiration you feel when your yard first comes into sight while arriving at home after a long day at work.

Why Choose The Lawn Barber For Lawn Mowing?

  • Specialized local lawn care and grass cutting services near you

  • Cutting edge landscaping techniques for residential and commercial companies

  • Low hourly rates for local service near and around Greeley

The Lawn Barber also offers other specialized services such as lawn aeration, weed control, fertilization, and power raking. Give us a call today to get a personalized quote for maintaining your perfect lawn!