Important Lawn Aeration Information

There are many aspects of creating and maintaining that perfect lawn, one of the most important being Lawn Aeration. Just like you, your lawn’s health can become stymied when it doesn’t receive enough water and oxygen. So, what exactly is Lawn Aeration? During the Summer and Winter months, the soil of your lawn becomes compacted, making it tougher for the grass to gather the water and nutrients needed to stay healthy. Aeration is often the overlooked secret ingredient to a beautiful lawn.

Aerating for a Healthy Lawn

lawn aerator plugsWhy does lawn aeration keep my grass healthy? The answer to that lies within the layers of your lawn. The top layer right under the grass is called “thatch”. Thatch is the complex barely underground root system of the grass. Often times the thatch can become so thick that oxygen and water have trouble making their way through to the nutrient absorbing shallow roots beneath. When using core aeration, the method that we use, your soil gets opened up all the way into the hard compacted soil so the oxygen and water that it sorely needs is easily introduced while being more evenly spread into your lawn. Our low-cost aeration services will ensure your grass is able to absorb the sustenance it needs to remain bright and beautiful.

Experience Core Aeration Benefits

Compacted soil can often mean the difference between a thriving lawn and a mediocre yard. Do you have kids that love to stomp around your yard? This can mean that your soil becomes compacted even further. Overgrown thatch and other debris that lay underneath your grass are issues that can easily be missed by the naked eye. Lawn Aeration can alleviate both of these issues, giving your grass the chance to grow stronger and deeper root systems into the soil. Our professionals have the specialized tools and methods to make your lawn the healthiest it’s ever been.

Top Aeration Tools and Methods

The first thing to know about Lawn Aeration is when to do it. During the winter, the freezing cold air and snow can compact often to the point of freezing. While your grass does not need the same amount of nutrients during this time, the winter makes it more difficult for your grass to get the nutrients it needs during warmer months. During the Summer, the soil often becomes dried out and hardens once again. Therefore, the best times for lawn aeration are during the Spring and Fall months.

lawn aeration diagramAt The Lawn Barber, we specialize in Core Aeration as opposed to Spike Aeration. Spike Aeration is the process of pushing (whether manual or not)  a rolling cylinder with protruding spikes that penetrate the lawn. The issue with Spike Aeration is that it only penetrates the layer of thatch, which can easily grow back or have the small holes be covered back up again quickly. With Core Aeration, the aerator actually removes 2-3 inch and .5-.75 inch plugs from the lawn reaching down into the compacted soil. This opens enough deep holes in the soil to ensure that your lawn gets the amount of water and air that it needs to remain healthy.

Low Aeration Cost per Acre in Northern Colorado

Whether you measure by the foot or by the acre, The Lawn Barber offers great service rates to aerate your lawn at a low cost. Our trained professionals have all the skills to make sure that your grass is receiving the nutrients it needs to stay healthy while keeping your lawn maintenance costs down. Lawn Aeration can be a tricky business and can cause damage if done incorrectly. Don’t risk it! Let The Lawn Barber take care of it for you with the best aeration services in Northern Colorado.      

Save on Water by Aerating Your New Lawn

Building a new house? Sodding a new lawn? Congratulations! However, this can sometimes be the most important time to make sure it’s properly aerated. Often times, new sod can have trouble conforming to the soil underneath. During construction, the soil is compacted to the point that the root systems will have trouble getting the sustenance they need. Your putting a lot into your new home or lawn, make sure that it gets proper aeration by calling The Lawn Barber!

Is your lawn properly aerated? Great! Moving forward with maintaining your lawn, make sure you check out our other services such as Weed Control, Fertilization, and Power Raking.