Landscaping & Lawn Care Basics

Your lawn is an important part of your home. When your neighbors come strolling by, your lawn is often the first thing they see. The last thing you want is for your yard to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Careful, rigorous, and smart lawn care is the only way to ensure that your yard is looking its best.

Does your lawn feel just average? Maybe it’s time that you do a little landscaping to enhance its features. Adding flower beds can be a game changer for that boring yard whether you decide to create them with exposed soil or fill them in with wood chips. How about a small fountain for the local birds? Perhaps raising a portion of your yard up a bit will allow the bushes to really stand out. Landscaping is just the thing to take a boring yard to new heights.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

The Lawn Barber offers all the services necessary to maintain a healthy lawn. Simply mowing is usually not enough to keep your yard looking robust and thriving. Paying careful attention to your grass and soil is the only way to maintain a perfect yard. If you are not taking efforts to keep your thatch healthy then you are risking your yard falling prey to a number of issues that will take away from its healthy nature.

Basic Lawn Care Maintenance

How do you keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best? There are a number of lawn care and maintenance basics that you should be following. Making sure that the thatch of your grass is healthy is very important to maintaining a beautiful yard. This can be done by aerating your lawn properly and power raking if the thatch layer has become too thick. This will allow the grassroots to absorb nutrients easier and funnel that unspent energy into growth. Keeping out weeds is also important for caring for your lawn as weeds can choke out grass and plants that you want.

A great way to maintain a healthy lawn is creating and using a fertilization schedule, which will enhance the nutrients that your grass absorbs. Be wary of dethatching and fertilizing yourself. Over-fertilization and aggressive dethatching can cause more damage than good by destroying your yard.

Affordable Lawn Care Services in Northern Colorado

Maintaining a solid lawn mowing and general lawn care schedule, even the basics, can be very time-consuming. We have so many beautiful days here in Northern Colorado and around Greeley. Who wants to spend them working on a yard when you have worked all week to enjoy your weekend? Leave it to our trained professional lawn care technicians to take care of your lawn maintenance for you! They specialize in figuring out how to get your lawn to its perfect state.

Convenient Landscaping Service Near You

Is it time to get that boring yard looking the best in the neighborhood? Our landscaping professionals have years of experience designing and creating incredible looking yards. Don’t risk making mistakes that can harm your lawn while landscaping. Call our office to make a convenient appointment for our landscaping crew to view your lawn and help you design an incredible yard! The Lawn Barber can send out a friendly landscaping professional to take care of your needs.