Lawn Fertilization Essentials

Just like you, your lawn needs certain things to grow and stay healthy such as water and sunlight. However, a little help from supplemental catalysts such as vitamins can offer a much-needed boost to get your body to that next level. For your lawn, that catalyst is often fertilizer. Fertilizer comes in many different forms and all of them will help get your lawn to the perfect green health that you’re looking for.

Making Sure Your Lawn Gets The Proper Nutrients

commercial lawn serviceFertilizer is defined as any natural or synthetic material used to impart nutrients to plants. When used on your lawn and garden, these nutrients will enhance your grass and garden plant’s ability to absorb the water and sunlight it needs to grow.

While your grass and plants can extract the required nutrients (such as Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium) on their own, by using fertilizer you are making these nutrients more readily available to your lawn and garden which leaves more energy for your plants to use on growth. Having the correct fertilization schedule and program will ensure that your lawn is looking as beautiful as possible.

Fertilization Schedules and Programs

Knowing when and how to spread your fertilizer can be tricky business depending on the particular application. Typically the best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn and garden is at the very beginning of Spring when your grass is just starting to grow again and your flower to awaken.

In Northern Colorado, it is important to fertilize again in late Summer and knowing when is something that our trained professionals are well versed in. It is also important to avoid over-fertilization. Over-fertilization happens when too much fertilizer is applied to one area and can create fertilization-burn which can lead to damaged or dead plants. Knowing exactly how much to apply and using a fertilizer with the correct salt index is very important. So don’t risk it, hire a trained professional that knows the exact fertilizer program that your lawn needs!

Best Lawn Fertilizer Ratio

All fertilizers have a combination of three main nutrients: Phosphate, Nitrogen, and Potash (the main element being Potassium). Each of these nutrients will enhance your grass in different ways. Nitrogen promotes blade thickness and color. Phosphate enhances deep root growth. Potash assists the roots in creating complex and intertwined systems that allow the transfer of nutrients throughout your lawn. Having the correct ratio of these ingredients is essential to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden.

Lawn Fertilizing Service For Green Grass

Lawn fertilizers come primarily in two forms: Liquid and Solid. Liquid fertilizer works fasters and is absorbed more quickly, however it does not last very long. Solid fertilizer takes longer to be absorbed by your grass and plants but sticks around longer which allows your plants to consume over a longer period of time.

Knowing which to spread on your particular lawn takes knowledge and analysis of the soil in your individual lawn. Don’t leave it to chance! Let the Lawn Barber’s team come and analyze your lawn so we can outline the perfect program of fertilization so the rest of your neighborhood will be green with envy! But having that perfect lawn doesn’t stop simply with fertilization. Be sure to think about our other services that keep your lawn healthy like Power Raking and Lawn Aeration.