Weed Control Basics

Weeds are the notorious enemies of a beautiful lawn. What is even more frustrating about weeds are that they can thrive even when your lawn is in its healthiest state. They can be elusive and stubborn at the same time while bringing the most ardent of lawn hobbyists to their knees. So how do you remove them and keep them out for good? Our professional lawn care team is well versed in the weed battle and will figure out the best way to keep those pests from obstructing the look of that beautiful yard.

Maintain A Healthy Weed Free Lawn

You might think that simply mowing down weeds will help keep them away. In fact, often taking the top off of a weed without removing its root system can actually promote greater growth when the weed grows back – which it certainly will. Keeping weeds out of your lawn without killing grass can be the most challenging aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn.

The most obvious way of healthy weed control is to painstakingly explore every square inch of your lawn and removing each individual weed by the root (make sure to not leave any root behind!) but who has time for that?! Even then, many weeds can be hidden with a single root under your grass only to appear a few days later! Perhaps you are considering using some store-bought weed, killer? Beware! Many of these products have little effect on stubborn weeds and can even harm the environment.

Methods of Weed Control

Northern Colorado is primarily an arid climate and very weed-friendly. So how do you effectively maintain weed control for a healthy lawn? The first aspect to this is a dense, thick carpet of healthy thriving grass which will help to keep little weed seedlings from receiving the sun they need to grow past the grass canopy above. The Lawn Barber offers many services to achieve this first step. A solid lawn fertilization program will enhance grass growth which will choke the weeds from growing. However, sometimes an herbicide is necessary to remove and control weeds for good. Making sure to cut off your weed problem before it takes over is very important. Our trained lawn professionals are specialized in choosing the correct herbicide to use in a safe, healthy manner and at the correct time while applying them in the most efficient manner.

Removing Weeds Safely and Keeping Them Gone

Simply spraying your lawn with weed killer is not an effective way to maintain weed control and can sometimes be dangerous for plants that you want to thrive in your lawn or garden. Our premium quality formulas when applied by our trained lawn technicians are both effective and safe. They are built to kill and destroy both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds before your weed control problem gets out of hand.

Best Weed Killing and Removal Service

The Lawn Barber has years of experience with weed control and offers the best weed killing services at a great value. Even the most tenacious of lawn lovers can find themselves in a losing battle with stubborn weeds. Don’t waste your valuable time fighting a horde of weeds that can reemerge days after a successful campaign! Call The Lawn Barber today to set up a yard-maintenance consultation to keep those weeds out and get you that perfect lawn you’re looking for. We are here to fulfill your Landscaping and Lawn Care Service needs!