Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Your lawn is a lush, green carpet. And now it needs our residential lawn care to keep it healthy and looking its best. We do your lawn mowing and maintenance because there are other things you'd rather do.

Let the Lawn Barber maintain your lawn and turf perimeter. We use the best mowing equipment, run by experienced operators who take pride in the finished product...your beautiful lawn! Contact us to discuss seasonal contracts for residential lawn care services. We'll keep your lawn looking lush and enviable.

Weed Control and Fertilization

The soil in Northern Colorado often needs an amendment to help grass thrive. That means a properly applied fertilizer, designed for our soil. We apply a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Naturally, this mix improves the root system, as well as the color and thickness of the blades of grass.

A dense lawn offers less room for weeds to grow. Certainly, herbicides are often needed to kill off pesky invaders. The best weed control programs apply weed killer before weeds can germinate. Then, a follow-up spot treatment targets pesty weeds which still try to grow. Our trained professionals know what to apply, and how much to apply.

Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

Early fall is when we blow out sprinkler systems.This assures a freeze-free winter season, which means fewer or no problems come spring. And that means a greener, lush lawn sooner.

But if you haven't had your system blown out in the fall, don't despair. Just call us in the spring and we will troubleshoot and repair problem sprinkler systems.We can work with all brands and models.

And here's some good news! We now carry the Hudson MP Rotator Sprinkler heads, which save money and use less water. Ask us about them when you contact us. We know you'll appreciate their value.

You'll find that routine maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. To make it convenient for you, we provide irrigation maintenance agreements. Technicians from The Lawn Barber will check alignment and efficiency of all heads, and look for leaks to prevent future problems.

Bush and Shrub Pruning and Removal

Our good maintenance practices will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Our commercial maintenance package is designed to protect small trees and shrubs on your business property. Services include Cosmetic or corrective pruning, insect and disease control, and edging of plant beds.