Save On Your Water Bill With The New MP Rotator Sprinkler Heads

Save On Your Water Bill With The New MP Rotator Sprinkler Heads

It's new, it's innovative, it conserves water and The Lawn Barber has it! Hunter's MP Rotator is a new sprinkler head with nozzles that feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams.

These new heads deliver water at a steady, slower application rate so your lawn can absorb more of the applied water. With these sprinkler heads, it's possible you'll see water savings of up to 30%.

Not only is it very reasonably priced and easy to install, the MP Rotator has already been proven to be reliable and durable after years of agricultural use.

In most cases, we can just remove your old spray nozzle heads from the manufacturer's pop-up bodies and replace them with the MP Rotator heads. They fit Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Irritrol and most other sprinkler systems.

And if you're planning a new sprinkler system install, the MP Rotator will save you time and money, because fewer watering zones are needed. Plus this solution needs fewer valves and a less complicated timer, so you'll see savings right away.

MP Stands for Matched Precipitation

One of the most innovative aspects of the system is the variety of rotator heads that are designed specifically for different areas of your lawn. All the heads provide the same water coverage and can be placed anywhere within the same sprinkler zone. The precise watering pattern remains the same, even as you make adjustments, and there are no nozzles to replace.

In conventional sprinkling systems, the expectation is that grass around each head will be watered by surrounding heads. But instead, you find dead areas right around the sprinkler heads because of the head patterns. Sometimes, heads will not pop up to full height and will dribble instead of spraying (due to less than optimal water pressure), which also leaves dry spots in your lawn.

MP Rotators solve this problem, even while using less than half of the water per head in your comparable pop-up system. The system is designed to use a lower pressure to pop up the sprinkler heads, and still give you all the coverage your lawn needs. The only thing you have to do is increase the watering time a bit. And here in Northern Colorado, where our dense clay soil absorbs water slowly, the slow sprinkling will actually mean less water runoff and a healthier, lusher lawn. You'll also see a uniform spray pattern across the entire lawn with almost no fine mist or overspray.

MP Rotators are already being called one of the most significant improvements in lawn care in many years. Contact us for more information.